The Igbos and Israel: An Inter-Cultural Study of the Largest Jewish Diaspora by Remy Ilona

Jewish Igbo scholar Remy Ilona presents and analyzes Judaic practices and concept within the Igbo culture of Nigeria. The Igbos and Israel: An Inter-cultural Study of the Oldest and Largest Jewish Diaspora, is essentially a compilation of Igbo cultural practices. A comparison of Igbo culture with Jewish culture, and somehow a commentary on the Tanach (Hebrew Bible), undertaken from an Igbo perspective.

The Igbos and Israel: An Inter-Cultural Study of the Largest Jewish Diaspora by Remy Ilona

Colors in Hebrew: A Rainbow Tale by Sarah Mazor (Author), Benny Rahdiana (Illustrator)

99¢ Special - In celebration of the paperback release, the Kindle version of “Colors in Hebrew” is offered for at a 67% discount, regularly priced at $2.99.

MazorBooks is proud to present the newest addition to its “A Taste of Hebrew” series for English speaking kids: Colors in Hebrew: A Rainbow Tale. 

Kids of all ages are invited to journey with the sightseeing rainbow that travels to Israel and learns the names of fourteen colors in Hebrew. 

The names of the colors are written in Hebrew with English transliteration and translation. For correct pronunciation check the transliteration chart that is included book. 

Colors in Hebrew: A Rainbow Tale: A Story in Rhymes for English Speaking Kids by Sarah Mazor (Author), Benny Rahdiana (Illustrator)

Breakthrough Jew - Jen Selter

We live in an age dominated by the Internet and social media. It has become our primary source of communication, keeping abreast with current events, and in many respects, launching the careers of many an individual.

Case in point: Jen Selter. In a brief period of time, Selter has become a social media fitness phenomenon. After initially posting images of herself in fitness poses, including the occasional “belfie” (butt selfie), Selter quickly gained followers on various social media platforms. In less than a year, this fitness fanatic has amassed nearly 3.4 million followers on Instagram, 1.7 million likes on Facebook, and 530,000 followers on Twitter.


Austin Jewish Business Network Social Media Presentation

See how you can harness free, web-based tools and apps to ignite your marketing strategy. As the Creative and Editorial Director of The Modern Jewish Life Blogs, Michele brings her voracious consumption of all things social marketing, blogging, and free web tools to help you navigate the ever changing media you need to market your business or product. She may also mention her passion for popcorn and their unique place at every Jewish event.


JDate Reveals Winners Of ‘Get Chosen’ Social Media Contest

After a Twitter- and Instagram-wide search for the best slogans celebrating the cultural ties that unite Jewish singlesJDate®.com, the iconic community responsible for more Jewish marriages than all other online dating sites combined, has named  Jonathan Morvay,  Anthony Ramanauskas and Ricky Sans the winners of its “Get Chosen” social media contest. Consumers and aspiring marketers entered the contest by posting their original “Get Chosen” taglines via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag#GetChosen. The contest ran from April 23 through May 9 and the winning slogans are:

  • “Find Mr. Right to Left” by Jonathan Morvay
  • “Because Dating Shouldn’t be as Hard as Parting the Red Sea” by Anthony Ramanauskas
  • “Matzah Ball Recipes Don’t Survive on their Own” by Ricky Sans


Facebook For Seniors

Part of our series of articles on social media for Jewish baby boomers, here is our guide to Facebook for seniors.

There’s no upper age limit for Facebook use, and it’s becoming increasingly popular with seniors. According to a Pew report in 2012, one in three seniors use social media sites, and 38% of adult social media users are over 65.


Protests for, against Israel swamp social media

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement created Facebook pages and petitions to ostracize celebrities who support Israel starting in 2004. Counter-protest pages have sprung up and collected likes and tweets by the thousand to support artists such as Johansson, Alicia Keys and, most recently, Neil Young.


Jewish Teens and Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Inappropriate

Teens are given a lot of responsibility to use digital devices to keep in touch with their friends and mentors. This means the dissemination of information is instant making it easier for teen youth groups to promote events and engage new members, but it also means an increased danger in the spread of information that shouldn’t be made public.


2014 Sami Rohr Prize Awarded In Jerusalem

Matti Friedman’s The Aleppo Codex won the $100,000 literary prize.

The eighth annual Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature, an award established by the late Sami Rohr’s children on his 80th birthday to honor him, was awarded Tuesday night at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Though the event took place in Israel, as it does every other year, English was the dominant language of the night. If fact, the only Hebrew this reporter heard at the event was a conversation between translator Mitch Ginsberg and writer Ofir Touche Gafla, whose first novel to be published in English, The World of the End, came out last summer.


How to Woo a Jew: The Modern Jewish Guide to Dating and Mating

In How to Woo a Jew, your very own Jewish Carrie Bradshaw takes you through each facet of the dating world—from traditional Jewish matchmaking and mixers to modern online dating portals, from honing your Jewdar to kosher sex. Whatever mishegas you’ve made of your love life, Caspi has words of wisdom—and a few enlightening quizzes, charts, and illustrations—to help you find your Jewish soul mate.


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